Yes, we’ve gone Social.
This gives us an opportunity to reach out to an audience, both in Burlington and beyond, who live with their phones and iPads in their back pockets.  We can send out bite-sized messages about upcoming meetings, newsworthy items, or the arrival of an exciting postcard in the archives.  Our resident expert, Aslin Kirkpatrick, was very patient getting us through the learning curve and helping us grasp the new lingo like tweets, hashtag, and handle.
Stay tuned – a new website is coming. It is in the development stage with much reviewing and testing to be done before launch.  So far…very exciting.  We will keep you posted.
We’re hitting the road. Not content with “build it and they will come”, we are responding to requests from community organizations who want us to share our knowledge on Burlington’s history and present to their groups.  We are in the planning stages and will share more with you in the coming months.
September Happenings. Three BHS members; Jane Ann Newson, Joan Downey, and Pat Taylor took advantage of a beautiful day for the “Roseland Trees of Distinction” walk held on September 11th.  A wonderfully established neighbourhood, Roseland happily shares and cares for its architectural and natural assets.  Check out the BHS digital collection for images of Roseland past and present.
On September 24th, the Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society hosted a Heritage Group Workshop.  We hope it will be an annual event with an opportunity to share insights and experiences with other Societies, building relationships and making the heritage community (including BHS) stronger.
Happenings – Want to be part of an action?  We are always looking for new talent…Speakers/Presenters, Researchers, Writers and editors, Committee members and leaders. No amount of volunteered time is too little – there is lots to do.  To participate, you must be a member.  Not a member? – no problem – we’ll set you up in no time.  Contact us at

September 2016 Outreach

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