We’ll strike up the band because in November we will have… a band!
The Burlington Teen Tour Band, that has proudly represented Canada and Burlington all over the world, will give us a bit of their history.

Burlington’s Ambassadors to the World began December 15, 1947, when 75 nervous members of the Burlington Boys and Girls Band gave their first performance under the leadership of Elgin Corlett, the band’s founder and first music director.
By 1952, the membership had climbed to more than 150 boys and girls.  In 1965, the name changed to the Burlington Teen Tour Band.  Management developed a philosophy that would focus on producing a better band that would keep the members active year-round and organize annual tours.
Now they are Canada’s oldest and largest youth marching band representing Burlington, Ontario and Canada in England, Ireland, France, Japan, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the USA.
Join us November 13 as Managing Director Rob Bennett shares the history of the team in their 70th year, and what is planned for the future.

November 13, 2017 General Meeting

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