Crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Mary II

Our speaker this month is Tom Bochsler.

Through his 60 plus years of professional photographic career, he has captured many aspects of work, life and culture throughout Canada and beyond.   Bochsler PhotoImaging, in Burlington, is celebrating 60 years this year, specializing in commercial photography.  Tom has also published a book, “The Art of Industry”, covering over 50 years of his work in news, commercial and industrial photography.

Tom and his wife, Doreen made a memorable Atlantic crossing on the Queen Mary II and Tom will share with us his magnificent pictures of the voyage.

On the long Atlantic trip the Bochslers couldn’t help but think of themselves as being on either the original Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth in the early 1940’s as it sped in total darkness to Britain from North America…with more than 12 thousand troops aboard.  Tom’s pictures remind us that the servicemen of WWII didn’t have 15 restaurants, a casino, planetarium, shopping mall, the largest ocean going library, AND the troops had to sleep in bunks in shifts.

February 13, 2017 General Meeting