Current 2023 Board

Archive Volunteers
Jane Ann Newson
Alan Harrington
Greeting Cards
Anne Wingfield
Josie Hammond
Jennifer Kemp
Dorothy Kew
Patricia Taylor
Nicola Thomson
First Vice President
Don Thorpe
Jane Ann Newson
Heritage Burlington
Alan Harrington
(Peggy Armstrong)
(Joan Downey)
Second Vice President
Nicola Thomson
(Joan Downey)
Social Media
Jennifer Kemp
Nicola Thomson
Patricia Taylor
Wayne Murphy
50/50 Draw
Don Thorpe
Patricia Taylor
Past President
(Joan Downey) 
Jane Ann Newson
All Board Members
Event Planner
Patricia Taylor

2021 Board members: Alan Harrington, Dobrila Kinn, Joan Downey, and Patricia Taylor
2019 Board of Directors: Alan Harrington (Treasurer), Joan Downey (President), and Director of Outreach), Jane Ann Newson (Past President), Patricia Taylor (Secretary, Director of Membership)
2018 Board of Directors: Patricia Taylor (Secretary), Alan Harrington (Treasurer), Ed Keenleyside (President), Mike McDonnell (2nd Vice President), Jane Ann Newson (Past President)
2017 Board: Patricia Taylor (Secretary), Barry Saunders (Treasurer), Elizabeth Baldwin (2nd Vice President), Ed Keenleyside (1st Vice President), Jane Ann Newson (President)
Past Presidents
Joan Downey 2019-2022
Ed Keenleyside 2018 (at start of the year)
Jane Ann Newson 2018 (interim at end of the year)
Jane Ann Newson 2016-2017
Alan Harrington 2013-2015
Les Armstrong 2011-2012
Dave Morris 2009-2010
Ken Davy 2007-2008
Noreen McNairn 2005-2006
Jane Ann Newson 2003-2004
Les Armstrong 2002
Barry Quinn / Les Armstrong 2001
Barry Quinn 2000
Len Nordby 1998-1999
Ruth Borthwick 1996-1997
Dave Wilson 1995
Irma Coulson 1993-1994
John Borthwick 1992
Dave Varity / John Borthwick 1991
John Borthwick 1989-1990
Florence Meares 1987-1988
Roy Dafoe 1986
Eric Gudgeon 1984-1985
Mary Fraser 1983
Michael Hall 1981-1982
Anne Wingfield 1979-1980
Ed Wiggins 1977-1978
Vicki Gudgeon 1975-1976
Gordon Gallagher 1973-1974
Margaret Sheppard 1972
Walter Reeves 1970-1971
John Furlong 1968-1969
Duncan Fraser 1967
Jean Reeves 1965-1966
John Field 1963-1964
Robert J. Rannie 1961-1962