Old Aldershot (‘Waterdown’) train station in winter, 1899

Winter sport on Hamilton Harbour, 1863

Knox Church, winter, circa 1906

William (Bill) Burnison with iceboat on Burlington Bay, Aldershot, ca 1910

Brant Avenue (now Brock Avenue), winter 1947-1948

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The BHS is one of the corporate sponsors for this year’s FOL

Following the success of the Walk in Greenwood tour, our intrepid tour guide, Alan Harrington, has agreed to another walking tour – this time the topic is Spencer Smith Park.

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Hope everybody is doing well. BHS is still hard at work providing you more history.

A great treat! Frank and helpers created a website and podcast retelling his life and the early years of Burlington.

(easy difficulty)

About Burlington Historical Society

About Burlington Historical Society

The Burlington Historical Society (BHS) is a registered charity, founded in 1899 and has been serving the community for over 50 years as an affiliated member of the Ontario Historical Society. Our Mission:  preserve and share Burlington’s past for the



We respond to many requests from organizations who want us to share our knowledge of Burlington’s history.  We also work with the public to secure insight into Burlington’s past from those that were actually there. We are engaged in activities



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