May 2017 Mystery Photo

This photo  is identified as “Men’s Baseball Team”.  It was taken at Lion’s Club Park on Martha, no date indicated.  The team sponsor, Jack de Graf is the man in the fedora in the back row.  

Can you i.d. the men?  Did the team have a name?  Who was Jack de Graf?

Let us know if you can help us out with this one?









April 2017 Mystery Photo

If you are burning up waiting to learn what this is, click here to learn the answer.








March 2017 Mystery Photo

The mystery is not yet unraveled, but here is some information.







February 2017 Mystery Photo



Did you guess correctly?  Click here to get the answer.




January 2017 Mystery Photo



Did you guess correctly?  Click here for the answer.



November 2016 Mystery Photo


S.S. #10 – Dakota Schoolhouse.





October 2016 Mystery Photo

The Buggy Brigade, April 17, 1964 – protesting congested truck traffic on Beach Boulevard following the introduction of tolls on the Skyway Bridge.





September 2016 Mystery Photo






The home of Jake Cooke where he started the manufacture of concrete blocks.


Summer 2016 Mystery Photo



Possibly team from Burlington Central High School which produced the magazine “Brass Tacks”







May 2016 Mystery Photo


Leo (and his brother) are located in the Lion’s Club Park on Pearl St. at Maria





April 2016 Mystery Photo



This photo remains a mystery






March 2016 Mystery Photo



Students at an archaelogical dig prior to the development of the Maple Community







February 2016 Mystery Photo





This photo remains a mystery






January 2016 Mystery Photo


6474 Guelph Line, the retirement home of William and Barbara Pickett